Thursday, August 23, 2012

Umbraco Multi-Lingual vs. Normal application

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The native application and many CMS system carry out multi-lingual based on resx files. While Umbraco has different fashion in handling the multi-lingual tasks.
Umbraco defines the behavior of the site in Templates and content structure in Document Types.
So it is easy for Umbraco to build different contents in different portals while make the portals take the identical behaviors. And it is the same way to carry out multi-lingual in Umbraco.

Here is the diagram for the similarities and differences between Umbraco and Native application.
Target Umbraco native application
Behaviors must be identical between languages of portals Yes Yes
Text for different languages can be in rich text format in language resources Yes No
Text for different languages can be entered in context Yes No
Text for different languages must be one-to-one mapped in different  portals No Yes

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